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Mapping CX Gaps,
One Greeting Card at a Time

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  • Understand customer mindsets

  • Explore in-store vs. online shopping preferences

  • Identify barriers to online conversion

  • Evaluate how occasions and recipients impact shopping behavior

  • Assess the value of convenience.


With an increasing number of consumers shopping online, a greeting card company wanted to develop a new foundational understanding of greeting card shoppers’ shopping process. They especially wanted to gain insight on specific steps in the shopping journey and online and in-store purchase decision-makers.

Our Client's Insights Manager:

Everyone that I have shared the map with is excited about the way this is coming to life....excited for the next steps of the project and so happy to see what we have thus far.


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The data gathered about shopper journeys revealed experience gaps in the greeting card company's online shopping experience, especially regarding card search and filtering functionalities. We provided both in-store and online growth opportunities to improve CX wherever customers decided to shop.

At The ExperienceBuilt Group, we are equipped to access, analyze, and translate experience-driven data into actionable items for your team. Let's work together to make your business better.

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In-Depth Interviews

Study participants completed a series of card-shopping activities using a mobile ethnography platform to capture content and context.


Zoom Deep-Dive

Following the mobile ethnography, select participants completed a virtual deep-dive Zoom discussion to share additional details.


Analysis + Application of Resulting Data

The ExperienceBuilt Group analyzed feedback from participants and applied it to fill in the client's in-store and online experience gaps.

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