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Check the FACTS --
Learn to Embrace Change & Harness Vision Hidden in Plain Sight

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown companies’ playbooks out the window, forcing everyone to change how they interact with their customers.


But many businesses are having success by providing adjusted approaches to experience, even if they are making it up on the fly. Continuous improvement and agility are celebrated at The ExperienceBuilt Group; we believe you can’t innovate if you don’t experiment.

This workbook will help you to deliberately apply ExperienceBuilt design principles to your business, and improve the ways you engage your audiences. Ultimately making you better prepared for the Future Normal.

This is the time to learn from your customers, create new plans and processes, and even test new ideas.


Download the Workbook!

We believe in the power of frameworks and principles, not rules. Flexibility is always important.


Checking the FACTs is not a linear or one and-done process. All components of the framework are designed to improve overall experience and drive loyalty, but they work individually as well.

Thank you! An email will arrive with the workbook soon.

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