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January 2023 | ExperienceBuilt™ Monthly Scoop

Phew – we made it!

That’s how the EBG team and I – and I imagine many of you – felt as 2022 came to a close. It seems like the past six months have included more in-person interactions than we had as a whole during the pandemic. While it’s great to be connecting again, it’s going to take time for all of us to find our new pace and routines.

Moving into this new year, I am personally working on building new habits into my day and filtering out what takes my focus away from my goals (both personal and professional). Atomic Habits by James Clear was a kick-starter for me in 2022, and spending time each day with The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday helps me focus on what I can control and let go of what I cannot.

As a team, we’re finding success in honing our existing solutions versus seeking new ones. While we’ll never grow stagnant, there’s power in mastery. Our goal is to inspire and empower EVERYONE to improve every experience – so while the output of our work is transformation, the processes are accessible to all. We believe that organizations of all sizes and professionals at all levels can benefit from adopting an ExperienceBuilt™ mindset.

As we continue to help clients imagine what’s next, improve what exists, and integrate new processes, we’re doubling down on documenting and sharing what it means to be ExperienceBuilt™ and how to get started.

This monthly newsletter will continue to be a source of inspiration for any and all professionals looking to adopt an experience-led mindset. We’re also expanding our efforts to teach young professionals about the power of Experience Research and how they can incorporate it into their careers (whether in research or not). We’re so excited to continue learning, growing, and creating experiences worth repeating in 2023.

Thank you for being part of our ExperienceBuilt™ Community!


Tricia Houston

Founder, COO


We’re turning 5 in 2023

We're grateful for those who have been walking along side us on this journey, no matter when or where you joined the movement. We’re planning a celebration (yes, there will be cake!) in May. We hope you’ll join us in spirit, virtually, or in person in Atlanta. More details to come.


We’re Expanding the Team

We are on the hunt to find a people person who is nimble and scrappy, and occasionally clever or quirky, to join our team of Experience Builders as Design Research Lead. View Job Posting

Not interested in a full-time position? We’re also looking for freelancers to support our projects through moderation and thematic reporting. Reach out to learn more!


Work Anniversary

Happy 2-year EBG anniversary to our SVP Strategy and Consulting, Shelly Bouren! Shelly brings so much to our team and we're lucky to have her!


EBG's Holiday Experiences

Dan went to the UGA Natty Game Being in the stands while Georgia won a National Championship was one of the coolest things Dan said he's ever gotten to do. It was a bucket list item for him, next to going to the Super Bowl. After not pulling the trigger and getting tickets last year, he wasn’t going to miss out on the opportunity this year. It was an experience Dan will never forget. Go Dawgs!

Kevin Attended the Great Lakes Invitational Hockey Tournament

Kevin and his son went to both of the Western Michigan University Broncos games in the tournament as a Christmas present. As a proud alum, Kevin was thrilled to watch the Broncos in his hometown and go to the alumni pep-rally with his son (who will attend WMU in the fall). The Broncos won their first game 8-1 and won the championship game 8-2. Kevin was thrilled to watch the Broncos dominate in-person and will cherish this holiday memory with his son forever!

Tricia was Immersed in a Stranger Things Experience

Tricia and her husband were transported to Hawkins, Indiana, the home of hit Netflix show, Stranger Things, to participate in a Sleep Study at Hawkins Lab. This immersive fan experience kept every detail "on brand." From the themed email invite to the 80's-themed mall food court, the interactive story made it feel like they had jumped into the TV screen. Don't worry, they managed to survive the Demodogs and a Vecna encounter.

Jennifer Decorated the Burbank Rose Parade Float

Jennifer checked off a BIG item from her bucket list by not only attending the 134th Annual Rose Parade, but also volunteering with her daughter to help decorate the City of Burbank’s float. In addition to dried material including white bean, red lentil, pine cones and even dried mango, the float used approximately 35,000 live flowers including irises, mums, hydrangeas and, of course, roses. The Burbank float won the Queen Award for “most outstanding presentation of roses.”


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