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  • Identify current strengths in delivering positive customer experiences to inform future improvement opportunities.

  • Complete 360° Experience Audits to uncover any deficiencies in digital, in-store, or employee training areas that could impact customer experience.

  • Conduct cross-functional workshops with corporate employees for each brand to develop initial ideas for enhancing customers' experiences by addressing identified gaps.


The Challenge

As a leading global franchisor and operator of a range of quick-service to fast casual restaurant chains, this company set out to uniquely support the multiple iconic brands in its portfolio, brands which have their own devoted yet diverse customer followings seeking tailored dining experiences. They brought The ExperienceBuilt Group onto the project as consultants, using existing customer feedback and 360° Experience Audits to give recommendations for future planning.

The Experience Solution

1) Chart the customer experience for each brand

Services are about time well saved, while experiences are about time well spent, according to Joe Pine and James Gilmore in The Experience Economy. Our approach examines the distinct customer experience aspired to by each brand on a spectrum. We also pinpoint standout successes in delighting guests across their brands that can serve as best practices to share as cross-brand learning opportunities for elevating total customer satisfaction. To best serve guests’ needs, we assessed all of the different channels, from mobile and in-person ordering to dining in and take-out.

2) Document experience feedback to help the developer better support each brand

Mobile ordering has emerged as one of the most important innovations in the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry. Through conducting in-person audits and feedback discussions, we identified digital experiences as a major gap area needing improvement for the brands, prompting our recommendation for app and website enhancements. The audits also surfaced inconsistencies in the in-store experiences which, if addressed, present opportunities to reinforce brand identity and boost customer satisfaction. Equipped with these audit insights, we outlined training opportunities to assist frontline employees and franchisees with better representing each brand's signature experience.

3) Enable cross-functional collaboration to aid brands in shoring up experience gaps

Using existing customer feedback and a cross-functional workshop with corporate employees, we broke experiences into three areas: in-store, digital, and brand. Despite their differences, incorporating gaps from all of the brands helped streamline processes and minimize risk. The findings paved the way for near term easy updates and as an input to strategic planning for 2024 and beyond.

The EBG Impact

By pinpointing gaps in the digital, in-store, and employee training experiences, areas needing improvement were spotlighted for each individual brand. Every one of the brands was then equipped with a tailored Future State Map, overlaying potential improvements and opportunities. This map realigned teams to get them working more cohesively and efficiently, all rowing in the same direction. The major question for each brand was “What do you want your brand experience to be?” We helped them pinpoint answers and identify which potential directions they want to move in.

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