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The Rapid Response Route to
Actionable Audience Feedback


Transforming businesses with real-time customer responses that predict action, not intent.

Five questions, asked at the right time, can capture what people really want to say about how you make them feel instead of what the researchers want to ask. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most revolutionary.

The ExperienceBuilt Group developed LIVE 5Q to pick up where Net Promoter Score (NPS) leaves off. Consider how NPS works: Its survey asks one question about the likelihood of the subject to recommend the brand or product to friends or colleagues. The subjects are then classified as a promoter, passive or detractor based on that one response. At no point does an NPS survey ask what motivated the response.

We can do better.

The LIVE 5Q is Different.

Designed to capture emotional responses. LIVE 5Q gets at the heart of the customer experience by letting people characterize their feelings about a brand or event.

Dining Fun

Emotional reaction is proven to be a better indicator of future action than any simple prediction about whether someone would recommend a product or service.

LIVE 5Q is more versatile than methodologies that focus solely on satisfaction with customer experience (CX). We have broadened the scope of feedback to experience management (XM), including feedback from employees, subscribers and other stakeholders.

The age of Key Experience Indicators (KEIs™) is here.

We’ve moved past relying solely on standard KPIs to measure audience engagement. Today’s experience economy needs more nuanced metrics and a more sophisticated way to record them. When over 50% of the customer experience is about how they feel, it makes sense to measure those feelings.

KEIs offer insight into the feelings that personally motivate people to engage with your brand. LIVE 5Q is a monitoring system that mines customer feedback for those emotional triggers.

Online Business

How LIVE 5Q Works

A chance encounter with a detailed and engaging taco stand evaluation form inspired us to build the LIVE 5Q system. The simple, powerful feedback mechanism sparked an epiphany for The ExperienceBuilt Group founder Patricia Houston: Feedback can be simple and fun.


Developing Q:
Our Feedback Mascot

Q is low-tech and user-friendly, perfect for engaging recipients in real-time with open-ended questions and a simple emoji test. The LIVE 5Q monitoring system is a more sophisticated version of those principles built into an online survey. 


The LIVE 5Q survey combines emojis and open-ended questions to gather informative, impactful feedback that’s a conversation with your customer, not a transaction. 


It’s all about scientific methodology channeled in an innovative way. The process uses five questions to reveal possible outcomes of the customer’s experience based on its emotional impact.

Consider Micro Moments.png

Step 1.

The cleverly designed survey encourages participation with a light-hearted approach. There is no pressure or feedback friction.

Q (1).png
Anticipate the What-Ifs.png

Step 2.

Three questions serve as benchmarks. The form will be personalized for your brand and application, but the essence of the three questions is the same on every survey to allow benchmarking and enhance its analytical power.

Q (3).png
Communicate Everything Clearly.png

Step 3.

Two questions are customizable. We determine these based on your business goals and context. For best results, we recommend these questions be open-ended and encourage voice-to-text response.

LIVE 5 Q Score

The LIVE 5Q methodology assigns a score to each participant based on their emotional response to the experience along an ExperienceBuilt stickiness scale from Cult to Damaging.


Positive categories indicate brand engagement levels predictive of positive actions and loyalty, the highest form of which we refer to as Share of Heart. Negative categories reflect emotions that could result in negative actions for your business, such as defection or bad reviews.


LIVE 5Q and experience design

Data-gathering is just the start of a feedback application process that is personalized for your audience experience. The ExperienceBuilt Group uses LIVE 5Q as a central data stream for building custom activation plans, closed feedback loops and monitoring experience optimization.


As an extension of your brand, LIVE 5Q allows you to continue a meaningful conversation with your customers and identify sources of friction and emotional connection, but also discord. It highlights the KEIs you should focus on to drive innovation within your company and improve the experience.

LIVE 5Q shifts the burden away from participants and highlights emotions, not transactions. By capturing in-the-moment responses using active listening techniques, it provides insight into exactly why your customers behave the way they do and what you should do about it.

Ready to get started?

If you would like to learn more about LIVE 5Q and how we can help you build positive emotions into your customer experiences, schedule your free discovery consult today!

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