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STOP. Evaluate your customer experience.


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The idea of an audit is universal, but what it can do for you is transformational. 

Part of being successful is knowing where you are now and where to focus your efforts. An experience audit helps you identify customer experience strengths and weaknesses.


Where are you making people feel good, and where are you losing them? Where is the experience hard and where is it easy? Where is friction causing customers to jump off the path to purchase or hesitate to return to it?

An audit gives you a new vantage point to improve business processes and audience connections. 

Drive Thru
Burger Meal

Using data from all relevant audiences, we combine conversations and observations for a thorough assessment of your customer experience touch-points.​

It’s an opportunity to engage in conversations with your people and observe how your brand communicates internally and externally. Our experience with these audits allows us to customize an approach to your specific needs.

We don't just help organizations become ExperienceBuilt™, we also apply the principles of Experience Design to the way we do business with you.  We elevate the experience for you and your participants — it's the experience design difference you get working with The ExperienceBuilt Group.

Map ➡

During discovery, we design a custom audit plan​ based on specific business goals.

Then we develop schedules, questionairres, discussion guides and get ready to coordinate moderators and feedback sessions.

Measure ➡

Now it's time to do the heavy lifting! 


We measure and analyze your audience feedback to get a complete understanding of the existing experience and find opportunities for improvement.  We call these experience gaps.

Revise ➡

After your Audit is complete, our team of EBG Experience Designers can collaborate with you on the way forward. 


Together, we identify operational improvements that will reduce friction points and refine your audiences' experience​.

& Go!

We love being an extension of your team! 


We'll plan and execute experience improvements and once that's done, work to close the next experience gap!

Case Study

Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) are known for efficiently moving customers in and out of their buildings and drive-thrus. Today, online and app ordering with curbside pick-up have been added to the mix. Regardless of how guests order and receive their food, every QSR’s primary goal is to deliver hot, fresh food to diners with minimal disruption. 

On a recent project, EBG’s approach started by stepping back to better understand all customer touchpoints end-to-end, beginning with initial contact in the ordering app, to curbside delivery from the crew member to how guests exit the parking lot. 

Online Ordering
Image by logan jeffrey

“The ExperienceBuilt Group cares deeply, understands nuances, and sees complexity as a chance to organize and find depth. I swear, they hear the same words differently than I do and just naturally know what to do with that perspective.“

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