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Privacy Policy and Procedures

1.0 Purpose 

With the implementation of the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in 2018 and California’s CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) in 2020, consumers were given the right to have more control over data companies collect and how that data is used.  While MMR is mostly excluded from compliance with some of these laws, we strongly believe in the rights of individuals to control their information and have adopted a strong policy for all individuals, not just those covered by GDPR, CCPA, or future laws and regulations.


2.0 Scope  

This policy applies to all MMR Research Associates employees, contractors, consultants, temporaries, and other workers including all personnel affiliated with third parties accessing the MMR Research Associates network.


3.0 Policy 

Relationship Owner Rights

In cases where a Cooperative Panel (such as Dynata) or a client list is used, MMR does not own the relationship and must abide by the privacy policies and compliance standards of the relationship owner.  In all cases where MMR is sending communications or collecting data using a panel provider or our client’s name, the panel provider or client’s policies and procedures, supersede MMR’s internal policies.  Any client emails being sent by MMR must contain the appropriate links to privacy policies and contact information for that client.


MMR Policy

MMR employees must commit themselves to protect the personal data of all research respondents and visitors to MMR’s website.  The following policies are posted on the MMR Website and links to these policies should be included in all emails containing marketing or promotional efforts (i.e. the MMR Newsletter) and communications with respondents


Privacy Policy

What data do we collect?

MMR Research Associates may ask for:


  • Survey data:  questionnaire/survey responses and general feedback may include questions concerning race/ethnicity, marital status, employment status, occupation, sexual orientation and identity, political affiliation, union membership, and health conditions.

  • Identity information:  name(s), year of birth,

  • Contact information:  physical address, email address, or telephone number

  • Financial Information: income range, financial products owned and through which company

  • MMR will never ask for account numbers, login information, or passwords and does not/ cannot receive this type of information from 3rd parties.

  • Marketing/communication information:  newsletter and promotional information preferences

How do we collect data?

  • Data is collected through voluntary survey research

  • Opt-in requests for information concerning MMR Research Associates through our website or conference attendance.

  • Voluntary placement of cookies while viewing our website (Please see MMR’s Cookie Policy:

How do we use personal data?


  • No personal information is shared with third parties for the purposes of marketing or sales.

  • No third party can contact individuals without expressed, verifiable consent from the person whose data is collected.

  • Use of Personal Data For Survey Research:

  • To contact individuals who opt-in for project-specific follow-up surveys

  • To send Invitations to MMR Business to Business Surveys

  • To process and send survey incentives

  • MMR shares email address only with services like or Starbucks in order to fulfill incentives

  • Information provided by individuals is not associated with name, identity, or contact information.

  • Anonymized raw data may be shared with our client company; including demographic information if the individual provides it

  • Quotes from typed responses may be used along with aggregated demographic information in reports and raw data set

Use of Personal Data for Visitors to

  • Functionality cookies that allow MMR to operate the site in accordance with the choices visitors make.  These may contain user name and site preferences.

  • Analytical cookies that allow MMR and third-party services to collect aggregated data for statistical purposes on how our visitors use the website.  These do not contain personal information and are used to help us improve user experience of the website.

Companies with whom we can share information:

In addition to the sources above, information may be shared with IntelliSurvey for the purpose of sending research survey invitations and survey programming.  Their privacy policy can be viewed here:

What data protection rights are available with MMR’s social media presence?
MMR has official presences on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter and has no control over the information individuals share. Individuals who interact with MMR on social media should not share personal information (phone number, mailing or email address) on these sites.


How do we store data?

  • MMR Research Associates securely stores data on a stand-alone, encrypted server located in their corporate offices in Roswell, GA

How long is data retained?

For Survey Research:


  • Names, email and physical addresses are deleted from servers and backups once a project is considered closed.   This is normally no more than 3 months from collection.

  • Raw survey data containing race/ethnicity, marital status, employment status, occupation, sexual orientation and identity, political affiliation, union membership, health conditions, year of birth, income range, and financial products owned and through which company are stored indefinitely; however, the data is anonymized and cannot be associated with any individual.

  • For Visitors to

  • Contact information stored for newsletters and promotional communications are stored indefinitely; however, individuals can opt out at any time through…

  • MMR website (

  • Toll-free number (844-358-6702 ext. 0)

  • Email (

  • Upon opt-out, all personal information collected is deleted from servers and backups.

What data protection rights do individuals have?

  • MMR would like to make sure individuals are fully aware of all of their data protection rights.  Each individual is entitled to request the following and have MMR Research respond within 4 weeks:

  • The right to request copies of their personal data

  • The right to correct or fill in any information they believe is inaccurate or incomplete

  • The right to have any non-anonymized personal data erased or not processed

  • The right to ask MMR to transfer the personal data to the individual or another entity

  • Only personally identifiable data can be transferred.  Anonymized data is proprietary and cannot be transferred

What about children's privacy?

  • MMR does not knowingly collect personal information from children under 18 without parental consent.

  • What about cookies

  • Please see MMR’s Cookie Policy:

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