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So what's this
thing all about?


At EBG, we understand the value of experience design and how it changes the way you do business.

ExperienceBuilt™ businesses understand how to create more value for all audiences.  They have an unrelenting focus on three pillars:


An ExperienceBuilt business connects with the people they value - in perfect, purposeful ways - to make their lives easier.

"Micro" to "macro"

This can be an experience as understated as microcopy at the top of an email,​ Hey talented friend, you’re doing great today!

or as far-reaching as deciding to align your hiring practices with your “why.”


Call them beacons or mavericks, these businesses lead the way for today’s commerce. As career-long groupies of these pioneering brands, we study how they deliver ExperienceBuilt   best practices and share their lessons throughout our work.

Achieving and maintaining this status requires more than monitoring success with the majority. Knowing how high your satisfaction scores are when you're trying to become ExperienceBuilt™ is not helpful. You have to go look for problems. ​

That's where The LIVE 8 comes in.

These categories of experience gaps are where we go to look for those problems.  When closed, they can have the most impact.

Begin With People.png

Begin with People

We’re all about People, first. Make things easiest on the people who care about your organization and you win share of wallet, and the more important share of heart.

Consider Micro Moments.png

Consider Micro

We start small to build big. When every detail is handled every time, then the big things take care of themselves.

Anticipate the What-Ifs.png

the What-Ifs

Prepare for the unexpected. “Murphy” will make an appearance, so think ahead and plan now so you have a Plan B (or even C, and D).

Integrate Sensory Needs.png

Design for All

Individualize an experience wherever possible. People process information differently and have unique needs.

Communicate Everything Clearly.png

Communicate Everything Clearly

Thinking about what you say, and how/when/where you say it, will integrate your messaging. Everything communicates – it’s one of our founding principles.

Appreciate Audience Attention.png

Appreciate Audience Attention

The most important commodity. In a world full of clutter, audience attention becomes harder and harder to get. Treat it with care and gratitude.

Include Relevant Value.png

Relevant Value

A little “something” extra goes a long way. Think like your audience, and give people what they need, and want, with a little garnish.

Revise Based on Feedback.png

Revise Based
on Feedback

People, first and last. Listen to your audience, find ways to gather honest feedback and adapt accordingly.


Can you measure ExperienceBuilt  ?

YES! We created a composite scoring system that allows us to very quickly understand how brands rack and stack against each other within industries.

Learn more about our 2020 research from our Founder & COO, Tricia Houston.

At the Grocery Shop

Meet the ExperienceBuilt
Brand Beacons


MMR LIVE Brand Index Restaurants.png


Brand Index RETAIL.png


MMR LIVE Brand Index Grocery.png


MMR LIVE Brand Index Financial.png


MMR LIVE Brand Index Telecom.png

Study conducted amongst a nationally representative sample with a leading online sample provider; survey executed and analyzed by MMR Research Associates.

•   Field dates: May 12 to 20, 2020

•   Total number of participants: 2785

•   Ratings for a given brand among past twelve-month customers

Download the Index and Start Your Journey

The ExperienceBuilt™ Brand Index asked people across the country how they described their interactions with more than 70 brands across five industries. 


Receive your free ExperienceBuilt™ Index Industry Report today. Check out the competition and see how your industry stacks up.

Detailed brand-level results are available. Indicate your interest below, and one of the EBG Experience Designers will reach out to set up a virtual review.

I’d like to receive brand-level results for (select all that apply):

Thank you! Check your email for the download link.

Still don't know where to start?

The ExperienceBuilt Group consults with you to identify and close experience gaps.

This involves Imagining new solutions, Improving current ones, and Implementing programs to close experience gaps. 

Have questions and an open mind? An EBG Experience Designer is ready to help you take the next step toward improving the experience for the audiences you care about.

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