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  • Conducted an experience audit of the employee journey.

  • Mapped the current employee journey to identify best practices.

  • Created an ideal or “golden path” future state map for employees.


The Challenge

Over 50% of employees who quit their jobs say their manager or company could have done something to change their mind about leaving. Yet, employee retention is still a major problem for many organizations.

A home care company needed a way to improve field staff retention. They faced strong market labor competition from companies like Walmart and Amazon. The company turned to The ExperienceBuilt Group to identify non-monetary methods of improving employee retention.

The Experience Solution

1) Audit the employee experience.

Our team conducted employee interviews to understand the process through their eyes. We discovered that employees cared most about a strong team dynamic and recognition for accomplishments and work. Specifically, employees wanted to be informed about company changes and business growth.

2) Map the employee and client journey.

We created a journey map for the employee and client from the employee’s perspective, identifying the pain points and strengths of the current process. Inefficient processes and extensive duration between pay periods negatively impacted the employee experience, while the staff favored respectful treatment of employees and proactive communication. With a map of the current employee journey, we could move onto the next step of creating a future state map.

3) Create an ideal or “golden path” for employees.

Using the current state map, we outlined changes to implement in the future state map. This included gaps in the current process and ways to close them to make systems more ideal from the employee perspective. Defining which business processes could be optimized and what decreases employee motivation helped us develop a “golden path” future state map, creating a more streamlined overall experience and a plan to increase employee appreciation in ways that mattered to them.

The EBG Impact

The company implemented new programs with the goal of decreasing monthly employee turnover. The management team started a check-in system, updated their plans for clients, and made an effort to recognize accomplishments and performance. Prior to this change, the monthly turnover was about 6.2%. Post-implementation, that number decreased to 2% without changing employee pay.

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