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Innovation can be hidden in plain sight.


A small break through can have big impact.

That's where a
Customer Discovery Map
comes in.

Instead of creating current state maps, we help clients set the stage for the experience that fits optimally with their brand by creating future state maps.

A future state map lets us know where we are heading and what the ideal experience looks like.

Image by Kentaro Toma

What's a Customer Discovery Map?

A Customer Discovery Map is a diagram or another visual representation of your customer’s journey with your brand over time. But it’s more than that, it’s also:

  • A timeline of all the touchpoints between the customer and your product

  • A window into the customer’s point of view for a better user experience 

  • An answer to your product development team’s most important question (“What if?”) 

  • A way to make strategic recommendations to improve quantitative and qualitative KPIs 

Our dynamic approach to mapping.

The problem is old school journey maps give too much weight to the past and present when the future is the most important part of the equation. 

With a future state map built, we then overlay the disconnects between the future state and the current journey. This helps us identify where the largest disconnect exists; those touchpoints then become the critical path. By focusing on these key areas, we help companies take internal action in areas that will have the most impact.

After all, what kind of journey isn’t forward-looking?

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