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ExperienceBuilt™ Care

By: Kevin Scheppman, Director of Field Operations

At The ExperienceBuilt Group our front-line staff is our top priority, in each and every stage of our projects.

During our projects, we treat the fielding process with the same care and focus that our clients have for their businesses and their customers’ overall experiences.

While we are in the field, we know that experience research focuses on micro-moments and that the smallest adjustments can result in noteworthy improvements in overall processes and procedures. Our teams are trained to find those “needles in the haystack.”

Every step of the research process, we take special care to make our field team’s experiences as positive as possible – because creating exceptional experiences is, after all, our specialty and they are built from the inside-out (people first!).

Here are a few key elements of The ExperienceBuilt Group’s practices that ensure our field teams are taken care of from start to finish.


  • Before any project, EBG team members walk through detailed, thorough, and effective project briefings together to make sure we’re all on the same page.

  • Before heading into the field, we brief the team to make sure they have a thorough understanding of client needs and project objectives.

  • Time is always invested in anticipating possible challenges or unusual scenarios and how best to handle them. We conduct an After Action review to predict and mitigate obstacles before they arise.

We also believe recruiting the right employees can make all the difference in ExperienceBuilt project preparations, so we always take special care in selecting field staff to assure they’re well-suited and qualified for the job at hand. EBG is so invested in staff care and training that we’re actually developing our own front-line staff certification program – stay tuned for updates!


  • EBG maintains regular communication with our clients before, during, and after the study or event.

  • Our field teams monitor activity via online dashboards and other reporting tools to track progress, quota status, and timely completion.

  • We ensure our field staff always has access to EBG supervisors and decision makers so issues can be addressed immediately and adjustments can be made when necessary.

  • We emphasize quality care and professionalism, whether interacting with clients, on-site employees, or customers and respondents.


  • We use all Experience Research projects or events as learning opportunities, updating our best practices constantly to stay ahead of the curve and chase improvement.

Get in touch with us today to embrace the ExperienceBuilt™ difference.


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