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The ExperienceBuilt Group

ExperienceBuilt™ Business Index

We've done the research and we're ready to share it with you!

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Becoming an ExperienceBuilt Business is a continual journey.

There is no point where you stop and say “we did it”... it takes an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.

This means it’s accessible for all – the level of ExperienceBuilt you achieve is up to you...
what fits your purpose.

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ExperienceBuilt™ is aspirational, and it’s not one size fits all.


But it is a belief that things can be better because you:

  • Focus on people first

  • Start small to go big

  • Are a trailblazer that questions the status quo

That's why we've measured which business are doing this best...and worst...right now.

Business Index

We asked people across the country how they described their interactions with more than 100 businesses across seven industries. The Index identified how brands delivered against The LIVE 8, and uncovered Businesses Beacons to aspire toward.

ExperienceBuilt™ Journey starting points are not all the same, and you can learn as much within your industry as you can looking across the aisle to businesses with different engagement models. This detailed report has scores for multiple brands for each principle in The LIVE 8; we've done the research and we want to share it with you!

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Meet the ExperienceBuilt™
Business Beacons



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Download the Index and Start Your Journey

The ExperienceBuilt™ Business Index asked people across the country how they described their interactions across seven industries. 


Share your contact information below to see how your industry stacks up.

Detailed brand-level results are available.

One of our EBG Experience Designers will reach out to set up a virtual review.

Thank you! Keep an eye out for the report in your inbox shortly.

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