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Experience Audit Cohort

Want to learn how to close your experience gaps?

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Dive deep into the world of Experience Audits with our expert-led cohort.

Get hands on practice auditing your company's current experience, mapping the findings, and creating an easy-to-read deliverable that will help all audiences digest your findings.

Enter a transformative journey towards mastering the art of experience auditing! Our immersive online workshop series is your gateway to  driving business impact and creating memorable experiences for your audience that stand out from the crowd.

Dates: May 10th - June 28th, 2024
Pilot Cohort Pricing: $600 (regular pricing: $900)

Why You Should Attend


Deep Dive into Experience Auditing

Understand the theory and process of experience auditing by facilitating your own brand experience audit over a series of weekly 1:1 online coaching sessions.


Practical Tools and Methodologies


Acquire hands-on experience with tools and methodologies such as journey mapping and data analysis to assess and enhance user experiences.


Networking Opportunities


Connect with industry experts and like-minded professionals, expanding your network and sharing insights.

What You'll Get


Customer Experience Audit


A custom, real-world customer experience audit for your company, as well as all of the professional level guides used in that process.


Current State Journey Map

A current state Journey map in Miro of your company experience from a customer perspective.


Identified Experience Highlights and Gaps

A list of what’s working well as well as key experience gaps your team can target to improve the customer experience.​




Your findings that will position you as a brand expert and equip you with the data necessary to impact change in your organization.​

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How to Get Your Boss to Invest

Making the case for this investment to your boss isn't hard, here's what you should tell them you'll:

Start Closing Experience Gaps

Position yourself as an expert on your team, driving positive change within your company with an experience audit that produces actionable results.

Lead Your Team With Actionable Insights

Apply real-life practice, guidance, and feedback from experience research professionals to take your team to the next level.

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Workshop Facilitators

Our seasoned professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to guide you through the workshop. Meet the facilitators who will ensure a valuable and enriching learning experience.


Tricia Houston


Lara Tomhave

See Our Experience Audit Offerings in Action


What is the required time commitment? 

We meet via Zoom for 1 hour every Friday for 8 weeks.


I'm an executive and interested in having someone on my team participate. What type of team member is a good fit for the cohort?

We suggest having an entry to mid-level employee who is willing to dive into a special project join the cohort. The person in the cohort should champion any internal project planning or road mapping based on what is found.

What if more than one of us at our company want to participate?

We welcome that multiple folks sign up! Get in touch for group discount rates.


Since there will be a diverse set of participants, will my work need to be generic or will it be custom to my business?

Custom. While everyone will receive instruction at the same time, all cohort participants will work on their own unique challenges. All participants will complete an intake call to help them plan their work and make their cohort time most productive.

Ready to start closing experience gaps?

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