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The ExperienceBuilt Group Welcomes Research Assistant, Lauren Brasza

We are excited to welcome Lauren Brasza as our newest Research Assistant!

As part of The ExperienceBuilt Group team, Lauren brings excellent skills in organization, problem-solving, and teamwork. After six years in the restaurant service industry catering to unique customer needs, Lauren harnesses the ability to quickly adapt to any situation. She is also a digital native, having grown up immersed in technology, and uses this background to optimize technology in her work.

Working with people and building connections has been a lifelong passion of Lauren’s. Her past experience allows her to connect with all different types of people. The ExperienceBuilt Group grabbed her attention for one main reason: the opportunity to continue doing what she loves— building relationships and learning from others.

“I really feel a part of the team even though it’s only been a few short months and feel excited for the future to contribute more,” says Lauren. “I am very grateful for this opportunity to join the EBG team and am excited for what is to come moving forward!”

Lauren loves experiencing life to the fullest through traveling, trying new cuisines, reading, and experimenting with new hobbies. A great fit for our ExperienceBuilt™ team, she’s always looking to find experiences worth repeating.

Founder Tricia Houston shares, “Experience research is powered by humans. While we certainly incorporate software and other tools into our work, it's our people-first approach that sets us apart. Support from folks like Lauren, who are naturally curious, helps us ensure we don't lose nuance during analysis— enabling us to solve for one to help many!”

We’re thrilled to see how Lauren grows as part of our team!


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