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Experiential Marketing Measurement Council (EMMC) Launches Globally

Measurement in the experiential marketing industry has been a challenging topic for decades. While some brands and agencies do regularly evaluate the performance of their events, many do not, or do so inconsistently, or some might even say “ineffectively.” To tackle this challenge, a new global organization has launched, the Experiential Marketing Measurement Council (EMMC).

The ExperienceBuilt Group is a Founding Member of EMMC, serving in several pivotal roles for the organization. Most notably, EBG's founder, Tricia Houston, spearheaded the measurement standardization committee and, along with other industry leaders, is developing training programs, standards and benchmarks for experiential measurement.

Tricia and the team at EBG have been advancing a transformative POV about experiential measurement since its inception. In particular, moving beyond counts (impressions, reach, t-shirts handed out, cans-in-hands, etc.) to focus instead on emotion metrics can better inform strategic brand experience decisions by adding KEIs (Key Emotional Indicators) to KPIs and improve the return on experience. [Read more at EMS blog.}

EBG believes that harnessing the combined power of experience design, market research, and UX will fuel the evolution of the experiential marketing eco-system can evolve as a key contributor in brand building, with greater influence than traditional marketing and advertising. Supporting EMMC’s mission is a natural fit.

By elevating the importance of consistent, business outcome-focused experiential measurement, EMMC aims to encourage event marketers to engage in credible data collection and analysis as a means to protect and grow the industry. The international membership intends to standardize core experiential marketing metrics and measurement methodologies in order to promote valuable measurement of all experiential programs, globally, and drive effective measurement for experience-based marketing.

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