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March 2024 | Your ExperienceBuilt™ Monthly Scoop

Collaborating with go-getters, expansive thinkers, and change-makers who are out to improve every touchpoint and experience.


Hello Experience Builders!

Introducing the Monthly Scoop with SVP of Strategy and Consulting, Shelly Bouren.



Maximizing Retail Shopper Touchpoints

Shopping experiences at brick-and-mortar and online retail stores make or break consumers' purchasing decisions. Convenience, pricing, and inventory are just a few of the factors that shoppers consider. Learn more about the retail shopper journey, evaluate your retail store's in-store and online experience, and unlock our tips to improve your current customer experience!



How Gen Z is Changing the Workplace

With each new generation that enters the workforce come new standards and expectations. Every generation wants to make more money and have a good work/life balance, but Gen Z's perspective and approach is different. Some might say it's ignorant, others say it's refreshing. Read more in our recent blog article!



The ExperienceBuilt Group Experience Audit Cohort

Our new Experience Audit Cohort begins in May! Get hands on practice auditing your company's current experience, mapping the findings, and creating an easy-to-read deliverable that will help all audiences digest your findings.



Supporting Clients Across the Country

Our team had a busy March doing field visits, conducting workshops, and guest lecturing! In one particular week, five of our team members were supporting four different clients at once, including Chick-fil-A and a major drugstore chain. Shelly was in Texas, Jen was in Texas and California, Tricia was in South Carolina, and both Dan and Lara were in Louisiana! 

Clemson University

Tricia had an awesome experience guest lecturing at Clemson University's Qualitative Consumer Insights classes about Experience Design. It is always such a pleasure sharing about our ExperienceBuilt™ approach with the next generation of curious and innovative professionals!



Dan McDonald

Dan is currently reading "10x Is Easier Than 2x: How World-Class Entrepreneurs Achieve More by Doing Less" by Dan Sullivan. Sullivan's approach to goals is to set very big goals. The action plan to accomplishing a big goal has to be very specific, forcing you to stay focused. Smaller, easier-to-achieve goals often can be accomplished in many different ways, which can get you stuck in analysis paralysis. It boils down to the being hyperinterntional with with your goals and time.

Kevin Scheppman

Kevin recommends “Opposable Thumbs: How Siskel & Ebert Changed Movies Forever” by Matt Singer. This book details the inspiration, development, and power struggles surrounding Siskel & Ebert and their movie review series. It chronicles changes in the entertainment industry over decades, the evolution of cinema & television, and the impact of technology. If you’re interested in a movie or TV show today, you just need to check IMDB for reviews, statistics, trivia – and likely more information than you’ll ever need. It also takes a deep dive into the careers of Siskel & Ebert and their unique egos.



The Anti-CEO Playbook

In this TED Talk, Hamdi Ulukaya, Chobani Founder and CEO, breaks down the difference between profit and true wealth in business. Ulukaya captures the spirit of what being ExperienceBuilt™ is all about: people before profits, start small to go big, and having trailblazer DNA.


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