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Spending the Summer with The ExperienceBuilt Group

The ExperienceBuilt Group (EBG) had the opportunity to add an apprentice to the team for the summer. We are so happy to see how Eliza progressed throughout the past couple months and the impact she had on our team and research. Eliza Bruno came to EBG from The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) with interest in User Experience and Experience Research, and Eliza says she will return to her education with new skills and a deeper understanding of the industry.

Eliza’s Summer Experience, from her POV

When I first started the apprenticeship with The ExperienceBuilt Group, my goal was to learn more about user experience and market research. I can happily say that I have achieved my goals and more during this experience.

At Georgia Tech, my main research work was with Wish for WASH, a nonprofit that brings innovation to the global water, sanitation, and hygiene sector. I brought this knowledge with me to EBG, refining my skills to contribute to the rest of my studies.

This summer, I played a role in data collection, reporting, field work, and more. Working with The ExperienceBuilt Group team helped me gain a well-rounded look into the life of an experience researcher. I was able to take a hands-on approach, learning as I progressed.

One of my favorite aspects of this apprenticeship was moderating, which required a lot of practice. Moving conversations forward effectively and drawing out meaningful insights is a skill I found myself wanting to improve and I got to experience a lot of growth in that area.

To practice my moderating skills in a lower-stakes environment, I interviewed members of the EBG team on a current topic of conversation, AI. This exercise gave me the opportunity to experience the process a moderator goes through leading up to and during an interview or focus group.

With little exposure to AI-powered tech, the first step was to gain a better understanding of the topic at hand. It is common for a professional to moderate a conversation on an unfamiliar topic, and that gap needs to be bridged to lead a discussion effectively.

After determining talking points and developing questions, I wrote a discussion guide, reviewing existing materials from previous interviews and focus groups and seeking feedback throughout the process.

Once I was able to interview several team members, I noticed that the conversation flowed smoother than in similar exercises I had done in the past. With more preparation around conversation topics, follow-up questions, materials, and less focus on a script, there is an opportunity to facilitate a more meaningful discussion. This inspired flexibility to listen through the conversation, shift topics in a natural way, and dig deeper when I needed more information.

I am finishing my apprenticeship equipped with an understanding of where and how I can continue to improve this skill set, amongst many others, to grow into a future Experience Builder! I am thankful for The ExperienceBuilt Group for such a unique and rewarding experience.


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