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We're now The ExperienceBuilt Group! Learn about our journey from MMR LIVE to EBG

What’s the difference between experience design and ExperienceBuilt? Experience design is a discipline, blending strategy and tactics to create a refined customer experience. ExperienceBuilt is a belief that business can be better by focusing on people first, starting small to go big, and trailblazing a new path questioning the status quo. To us, becoming ExperienceBuiltis a continual journey that starts at the core and creates value for all stakeholders.

We created this business framework to help organizations of all sizes and professionals at all levels. Our goal is to inspire and empower EVERYONE to improve every experience.

That’s why we’re proud to announce The ExperienceBuilt Group at MMR Research Associates – you can call us EBG for short.

This change doubles down on our commitment to making experiences worth repeating. What can this mean for you?

Our expert team of experience designers are grounded in research, and, while we focus on improving live and in-the-moment experiences, we don’t stop there. We set plans in motion to make experiences worth repeating. We map current experiences, ideate new concepts, write action plans, and monitor progress in order to identify experience gaps and close them. We are the secret ingredient for our clients, helping them improve, implement, and (re)imagine their experiences. By starting small to go big, we drive change from the bottom up and at the enterprise level. We forge the path to become ExperienceBuilt.

Interested in learning more about The ExperienceBuilt Group at MMR Research Associates and what it takes to become ExperienceBuilt? Let's chat about our ExperienceBuilt Business Framework, an innovative approach to experience design 4 years in the making.


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