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April 2023 | Your ExperienceBuilt™ Monthly Scoop

Collaborating with go-getters, expansive thinkers and change-makers who are out to improve every touchpoint and experience.


Hello Experience Builders!

Introducing the April Monthly Scoop with EBG Founder Tricia Houston


Focus Group

There's a Place for All Research

Conducting research is a fundamental business skill, so why do different departments within organizations often claim ownership versus collaborate? Check out our recent blog that dives into the difference between research methods and disciplines.



Keeping CX Consistent: HQ to Franchise

Customer experience consistency is key for many QSRs. However, it's difficult to regulate frontline employees' practices at franchises compared to chains. Shelly Bouren, SVP of Strategy and Consulting, outlines how experience research can improve a franchise's CX continuity in her recent blog post.



Michigan State Visit

Michigan State Class Visit

Tricia shared how Experience Research is unique with a Market Research class at Michigan State University. We always enjoy connecting with future experience builders!


Personal Branding Graphic

The Future is Her(e): Personal Branding for Career Success

EBG is a proud sponsor of WIRe's upcoming event on personal branding! Join us on May 18th at Southbound Restaurant in Atlanta.

Insights Association Annual Conference

Insights Association Annual Conference

This week our SVP of Strategy and Consulting, Shelly Bouren, and User Research Lead, Dan McDonald, attended the Insights Association Annual Conference! They enjoyed diving into the future of insights with some awesome speakers and panelists.



Unwind Wednesday

Team Roundup

The EBG team gathered in person for their Q2 strategic check-in. We reviewed progress toward our 2023 goals and spent time together sharing great food and great conversation. As luck would have it, the CX of M program at MSU hosted an industry event that fit perfectly into our agenda. Thanks to CX leaders, Nate Brown (Arise) and Tom DeWitt, Ph.D (MSU), for the engaging content and fowling fun!



Boarding Plane

3 Reasons Why we Hate the Process of Boarding Planes

The International Air Transport Association's 2022 Global Passenger Survey dug into airline passenger satisfaction.


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