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February 2024 | Your ExperienceBuilt™ Monthly Scoop

Collaborating with go-getters, expansive thinkers, and change-makers who are out to improve every touchpoint and experience.


Hello Experience Builders! 

Introducing the February Monthly Scoop with Founder and COO, Tricia Houston!



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3 Brands that Built an Experience Instead of Just a Super Bowl Ad

Super Bowl LVIII was full of great commercials, but only a few brands took the extra step to create an experience for viewers. Dunkin’, Dove, and DoorDash seized the opportunity to connect with customers beyond the time allotted on the screen, making them live on for years to come. Dive into our analysis of these three experiences in our article!



App-etizing Wearables: Measuring Smart Technology’s Impact on the Employee Experience

A quick-serve restaurant wanted to test wearable technology and AI to support staff in delivering better hospitality. Through simulations and location pilots, we helped them validate concepts before determining the tech's effectiveness for their business.



Chik-fil-a grpahic

Announcing The ExperienceBuilt Group Experience Audit Cohort

We're excited to share The ExperienceBuilt Group's new online workshop series on experience auditing! This expert-led cohort will give participants practical tools and methodologies to bring their business to the next level.



Our team has continued to grow since we emerged from MMR Research Associates in 2017. This year, we're celebrating milestones all around!

Tricia celebrates 7 years at The ExperienceBuilt Group in March.

Jennifer celebrates 6 years at The ExperienceBuilt Group in March.

Dan celebrates 4 years at The ExperienceBuilt Group in November.

Shelly celebrated 3 years at The ExperienceBuilt Group in January.

Kevin celebrated 2 years at The ExperienceBuilt Group in January.

Lara celebrated 1 year at The ExperienceBuilt Group in February.



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University of Georgia's MMR Insights Night

Tricia, joined by our colleagues at MMR Research Associates, had a great time at the MMR Insights night! Kristian Alomá delivered an engaging talk about the psychology of storytelling, emphasizing the message that context is king. As experience builders, we have an inherent focus on consumer behavior, and Tricia was especially energized by Kristian's take: "If you want to understand consumer behavior, you have to understand the context in which that behaviors happen."



Woman and man walking out of new Amazon "Just Walk Out" store with new football jerseys

Tricia Houston

Tricia loves video games with immersive worlds and a sense of exploration. The developers of Disney's Dreamlight Valley took an unconventional approach with their open world game with a smaller footprint that's expanded through realms. You can experience the game at your own pace and any time-bound activities have generous completion windows. It's a breath of fresh air that puts the user in control of their experience.

Shelly Bouren

With February being Black History Month, Shelly has been reading "Let Me Explain Black, Again: Exploring Blind Spots and Black Insights for Marketing & Understanding Black Culture and Perspectives." As market researchers, it is very important for us to work to remove our own biases and recognize the different experiences and perspectives from other cultures. The author does an excellent job acknowledging that people outside of certain cultures might not know and understand things from that culture; at the same time, she challenges readers to change that going forward.



Out of the Pandemic, Are Younger Workers Coming Back to Restaurants?

The pandemic turned the restaurant industry's labor force upside down. Massive job losses were followed by millions of new hires amid high demand. Now, eateries are looking for new ways attract and retain employees. Perks to lure younger workers and more desirable positions could ease shortages for the 88% of operators still seeking to hire. This article explores key post-COVID trends shaping the restaurant workforce.


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