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September 2023 | Your ExperienceBuilt™ Monthly Scoop

Collaborating with go-getters, expansive thinkers, and change-makers who are out to improve every touchpoint and experience.


Hello Experience Builders! Introducing the September Monthly Scoop with Founder Tricia Houston.



A man looking at fruits and vegetables in the grocery store

Grocery Experience Roadmap Dan McDonald and Anh Tran conducted a study to better understand consumers grocery shopping experiences and habits. Download the Grocery Experience Roadmap for a look into our findings and an in-store experience evaluation to help you optimize your store. Download Here



cell phone with grocery ordering app open

Gen Z, The New Wave of Grocery Shoppers Gen Z is the first generation to grow up with technology that can change the way they approach grocery shopping. Dive into our key findings about Gen Z grocery shoppers and how their habits and experiences differ from older generations. Read More

Eliza in front of EBG logo

Spending the Summer with The ExperienceBuilt Group Our apprentice, Eliza, was a fantastic contribution to our team for the summer. We are so excited to see how she applies her knowledge to her future studies and career. Dive into our recent article to find out how she used the summer to refine her skills. Read More



QSR evolution conference graphic, with images from kitchens in the background.

QSR Evolution Conference Tricia Houston attended the QSR Evolution Conference earlier this month! She enjoyed connecting with folks in the restaurant world and learning about the future of the industry. Our team is always looking to develop new and improved ExperienceBuilt™ solutions, and hearing perspectives of thought leaders is one of our favorite ways to spark fresh ideas!

Chik-fil-a grpahic

The Incredibly Human Story of Chick-fil-A Join us for Chick-fil-A's upcoming event on October 5th that will get into the insights and humanistic practices that have driven their success. Listen, learn, and share about people-first business through interactive discussions and leave with actionable takeaways! Register Here

Tricia Houston and Shelly Bouren as featured speakers at the CXM 360 conference

CXM 360

Tricia Houston and Shelly Bouren are headed to the CXM 360 In-Person Conference on November 1st and 2nd! Both Tricia and Shelly are featured speakers at this year's conference. They're excited to lead a master class where they'll share frameworks for driving engagement and action with journey maps!

Register Here - Early bird pricing ends 9/30!



headshot of professional woman with "history of english podcast" in center

Jennifer Jordan As a self-proclaimed geek for the English language, Jennifer recommends Kevin Stroud’s History of the English Language podcast. This chronological exploration of the development and spread of the English language presents a well-narrated discussion of how our global language has been shaped over time by historical events. A great audio companion for your daily walk!

professional woman with "UX Research" book overlaid

Lara Tomhave This month, Lara is recommending, "UX Research: Practical Techniques for Designing Better Products." This book is a great resource for understanding user experience research planning, execution, and analysis!

Professional man with "only wanna be with you" overlaid on top

Kevin Scheppman Only Wanna Be With You: The Inside Story of Hootie & the Blowfish” by Tim Sommer (published 2022). Kevin recommends this book even if you’re not a fan of the band. Not only does it provide a riveting behind the scenes perspective of the music industry, the book provides business insights into marketing, planning, negotiations, and the fact that nice guys don’t always finish last. FUN FACT: Kevin has seen the band in concert 10 times and met the band at an intimate private party after a concert in Mt. Clemens, MI. The guys were so cool and

they invited Kevin and his friends to a pub they

were heading to down the street.



Woman and man walking out of new Amazon "Just Walk Out" store with new football jerseys

Amazon Expands Just Walk Out Technology to Retailers Amazon debuted their "just walk out" technology in 2020 when they launched the Amazon Fresh grocery store. This has changed the way many people grocery shop and opened doors for the same technology to expand into other industries. Earlier this month, Amazon shared their expansion into clothing stores. View Article


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