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January 2024 | Your ExperienceBuilt™ Monthly Scoop

Collaborating with go-getters, expansive thinkers, and change-makers who are out to improve every touchpoint and experience.


Hello Experience Builders! 

Introducing the first Monthly Scoop of 2024 with Founder Tricia Houston!



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How to Make “Share of Heart” Your Top Priority

Capture your customers' hearts with 3 key strategies: understand them as individuals, incentivize repeat purchases, and create a bond with your audience. Interested to learn how? Read more in our recent blog article!



The ExperienceBuilt Group Welcomes Lauren Brasza

Our team is excited excited to welcome Lauren Brasza as our newest Research Assistant! Get to know more about Lauren and what she brings to the team in our recent blog feature.



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Mapping the Employee Experience: Keeping Employees Top-of-Mind

Over 50% of employees who quit their jobs say their manager or company could have done something to change their mind. This home care company needed to identify and implement changes to improve field staff retention. Find out what our ExperienceBuilt™ approach was in our recent case study!



Insights Association: North Central Chapter

This month, Shelly is officially starting her term as chapter President! We are proud to have Shelly represent our team and look forward to seeing the impact she makes during her term.

This photo was taken when the North Central Chapter was awarded Chapter of the Year this past May!

Women in Restaurant Leadership Together Summit

Tricia is headed off to Nashville at the end of February for the Together Summit hosted by QSR Magazine.



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Shelly Bouren

This month, Shelly recommends "People Aren't Robots: A practical guide to the psychology and technique of questionnaire design" by F. Annie Pettit. This book offers insights from an experienced 20-year researcher on crafting questions that treat respondents as real people rather than robots. It covers topics including screeners, data quality, question types, and more. We are excited to implement some of these changes throughout our organization to create more organic and conversational questionnaires.

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Kevin Scheppman

Kevin recommends a new Netflix documentary called “Bitconned.” It’s a shocking, sometimes infuriating – and occasionally humorous – peak behind the scenes of a major scam related to cryptocurrency. The brazenness of the lead scammer and his associates is hard to believe. Plus, the scammers get scammed a little themselves. It’s an excellent reminder to proceed cautiously in certain new business relationships, to always perform your due diligence, and to NOT believe everything you see on the internet! The doc runs a brisk 90 minutes so it’s an easy watch.



Woman and man walking out of new Amazon "Just Walk Out" store with new football jerseys

QSR’s Breakout Brand of 2023: 7 Brew Rewrites the Record Book

7 Brew, the drive-thru beverage chain named QSR’s 2023 Breakout Brand, grew from 40 to 150 units in under a year. Powered by its people-first service model and franchisee enthusiasm, the brand plans continued record-setting expansion coast-to-coast while maintaining its lively, tension-free guest experiences.


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