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December 2023 | Your ExperienceBuilt™ Monthly Scoop

Collaborating with go-getters, expansive thinkers, and change-makers who are out to improve every touchpoint and experience.


Hello Experience Builders! Happy holidays from the ExperienceBuilt Group and MMR Research Associates! Wishing you and yours a joyous holiday season.



cell phone with grocery ordering app open

Experience Moments: The Importance of the Peak and the Ending

Does your business have a “popsicle hotline?” We don’t mean it literally. Sometimes what your business needs to enhance customer experience is an extraordinary idea that isn’t a big lift. For one hotel, that was a popsicle hotline. To learn more, read our recent article.



Man checking out at drive thru with credit card

Food for Thought: Supporting the Needs of Multiple Food Service Brands

A leading quick-serve restaurant developer wanted to improve customer experiences across its seven distinctive, iconic brands. But with different target audiences and brand identities, there were various places to start. Read the full case study to learn how our strategic approach helped strengthen these seven brands—setting them up for customer experiences as memorable as their food.



Chik-fil-a grpahic

Now That's Significant

Founder Tricia Houston, was recently a guest on the "Now That's Significant" podcast where she discussed a market researcher's ability to connect, to be connectors, and to help organizations discover the right key that opens the right lock at the right time. Check out the episode to get an inside look at her point of view!



headshot of professional woman with "history of english podcast" in center

Lara Tomhave


This month, Lara recommends "Measuring the User Experience" by Bill Albert and Tom Tullis. This edition is a comprehensive guide to gathering meaningful metrics, analyzing trends, and effectively presenting findings. Working in the UX space, this book has been added to her list of resources for quantifying user experience.

professional woman with "UX Research" book overlaid

Tricia Houston


Tricia's recommendation for this month is I "Liminal Thinking" by Dave Gray. Anything worth doing is often a struggle, but why is that? This book helped Tricia better understand that belief bubbles play a big role and it taught her new ways to think about change.



Heinz ketchup fraud

Heinz Fights Ketchup Fraud

When most people think of ketchup, it's always Heinz. The brand has established such a strong dominance for ketchup lovers that no other brand compares. Many restaurants resorted to putting off-brands in Heinz bottles to maintain the appeal of the popular brand. Heinz has now been running a campaign to expose and end the ketchup fraud.


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